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    Given where the majority of the community came from right now, I feel we are obligated to make it as clear as we can that truly - we will read and appreciate every single post that is made in this area of the site.

    That's not to be completely condescending and say that, "There's no such thing as a stupid idea" because well, there is. Some truly awful ideas too. Like, the worst things imaginable. Such as the ability to be a football agent and represent players. That's horrendous. But we will still read it, and we will more than likely reply to it too.

    Although this is another topic elsewhere on the forums, our main concern for this game to make sure it survives, evolves and thrives is to cut down on the high number of frustrations that players had in previous games like this one. One such frustration was that it did not seem like ideas and suggestions were heard. They might well have been, but that was not the general idea of the majority playing and that's important.

    In researching for this game, I went through 120 pages of suggestions - that's roughly 1800 topics - to see if there were any diamonds in the rough. There were some, and some utter shite too, but I read them all. And I'll read them all here too. Even if your idea might not be the best, it can be improved upon by other people or even spark off another idea in someone's head that is completely unrelated. Some of the ideas that I've had for this game came from the most ridiculous of conversations that just set off a chain reaction of ideas. Inspiration can happen from anywhere.

    So please, if you have an idea - share it. We might have already had it, and won't tell you we have so don't get too big for your boots if it does end up in the game

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    No concrete suggestions, but one thing, let user skill matter more than randomness. I know football has his attraction cause of his unpredictability, but that's not what most people want in an online game. Also, playing and attacking as a team should be more important than individual skill, hard to bring it into practice, but I'm confident you guys can make something of it.


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      Couldn't agree more. We want to reward good play, not good luck - though there does have to be SOME randomness in the game, I think we can agree that the majority of the community believe it was way too high.

      We have some ideas for it, nothing set in stone yet but if you've played Tetris or Final Fantasy X Blitzball, that's just some of the ideas we've had.

      Going to lock this topic so it's not the main place for your suggestions, else it'll get messy - thanks for the vote of confidence Calin ^^