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    Originally posted by Dmytro View Post
    Hi, my first post since I was registered on the Forum. But I was waiting for this topic.
    So, what do you think about Bonus system directly impacting your training progress with much more effect than regular wages? What I mean is that if you performed really well during the official game you get such Bonus and not otherwise. Your match rating should be much harder to earn (not like everybody having 10s as we had in FID). But if you get MoM, or rating above 7, 8, 9, or best player on your position in the match day, you should be rewarded with extra points in training pro rata to your achievement. Would be important for young players, but even more for the old player whose stats are decreasing with age.
    Needless to say that this feature should be dependent on the opposite team's UDP.
    Hey, thanks for sharing your opinion with us. We have taken this approach with special actions.
    To explain further, special actions points will be earned depending on your player performance and how often you play. If you play better, you'll gain special action stars/abilities faster.

    I think the reason we didn't want to take that approach with wages is that essentially it increases the gap between the best and worst characters even further. The best players will grow faster and have stronger characters. The players who are struggling (maybe playing against more experience users or older characters) will train slower and never be able to compete later in their career.


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      About de above post of Dmytro: i also think you should add in the training formula the folllowing criteria:
      - age
      - training ground facilities
      - wage
      - minutes played in previous match/ matches
      - team UDP
      - adversary UDP

      very important i think is the activity of the player, we don't need "farms " anymore.

      club finances shoud be the main tool in the game . budget will pay salary, increase training ground, buy players, buy items and facilities for the stadium.
      Also with player salary :
      - can donate to the club
      - can buy personal items
      - can buy ingame credits


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        I really can't imagine a scenario where I'd be okay with my training for my character being based on the opposition UDP! On top of that, league participation will not be mandatory on any level at the moment so it would be impossible to earmark which game that would even take that from. And same with team UDP. Even your own personal UDP, I don't feel quite right with that because some people like to be training up younger characters to replace the older ones - I don't want to discourage that. Age, training ground and wage I think are enough variables.

        Regarding your second parts, players will actually be able to donate their wages to the club by not training if they so wished. Personal items is something we're looking at. Buying in-game credits would be a huge portal for abuse however, I don't think we would be in a situation for that - but T was just talking about rewards for players in the league for top scorer etc. Maybe that is something we could consider for that.


        • Dmytro
          Dmytro commented
          Editing a comment
          Top scorer is good for beginning, but don't forget about top defenders, goalkeepers, top assisters, etc. Each of them is equally important.