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13-08-2018 Beta Patch Notes

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  • 13-08-2018 Beta Patch Notes

    This patch includes the following changes:
    • Game freeze at half time resolved
    • General performance improvements after we had feedback of high GPU usage in menu screen
    • Goal scored the turn before half time should now be recorded correctly
    • Players no longer able to enter penalty box during penalty kick setup
    • Goal kick bug after an off target shot
    • Issues loading the game on Windows 32-bit systems and MacOS
    • Player numbers should be easier to read and goalkeepers have slightly darker kit
    • Fight for ball bug resolved - still work in progress though with more tweaks likely to come
    We'd be grateful if you could keep feedback specific to these changes in this thread. Any other issues should still be reported in the Beta bug thread.

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    Nice, can you add more camera options ?


    • Wickerbasket
      Wickerbasket commented
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      It's something that will definitely be in the works Palic.

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    I just tested and I see changes. Better colors, no overheating of GPU.
    But, still, I feel too much time on kick off. Like 10+ seconds.

    And... fake blue. I made shot with player #1 and players #2 got receive low of that bounce but... nothing happened. The ball just goes straight through him.
    Or it is just because of his shills (#2 is GK). But, again, to miss receive low...


    • Wickerbasket
      Wickerbasket commented
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      It is possible that the low receive was failed, as stamina levels are not quite what they perhaps should be right now and the characters have low skills as they are all 18.