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21-03-2019 Beta Patch Notes

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  • 21-03-2019 Beta Patch Notes

    This patch includes the following changes:

    Footballer page and slot management
    • View more information about your character(s) at a high level
    • More control and visibility of your character slots
    Quick match flow
    • Redesign of how lobbies are displayed to user
    • More interaction with teammates before the match starts
    Match loading screen
    • Preview of both teams while the match is loading
    Credit management
    • More visibility of how & when credits leave your account
    Bug fixes
    • Match and player stats, such as UDP being over 100%
    • Various shooting bugs
    • 11v11 formation bugs
    • Condition should now reduce slower
    • Shirt number being over #99
    • AI positioning - we'll continue to work on various aspects of how AI behaves, this is just the first step
    • Match commentary styling - another feature we'll continue to tweak over time
    We'd be grateful if you could keep feedback specific to these changes in this thread. Any other issues should still be reported in the Beta bug thread.