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15-07-2019 Beta Patch Notes

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  • 15-07-2019 Beta Patch Notes

    This patch includes the following changes:

    Adjustments made to the distribution curve. Shots & passes will move more often, unless the player has very high attribute skills.
    The distance that a shot or pass moves, will depend on the attribute and the difficulty of the action performed.
    Actions which include more than 1 player (such as fight for balls and tackles) are now calculated differently. The objective is to have more consistent outcomes when there is a big mismatch in attribute skills.
    Hard shots can now go over the bar, which is indicated by a red section of the ball path.
    Foul probabilities adjusted.

    GK Parry action
    The outcome of the parry now depends on the ball speed of the incoming shot and the direction of the parry selected by the user. A longer parry distance is more likely with a harder shot. Selecting an unnatural parry direction (going against the movement of the goalkeeper) is more likely to cause the parry to deviate from its path.

    When editing the hotkey for player(s) in the match lobby, you can click anywhere on the player circle to update the hotkey. Previously you had to click the hotkey icon in the corner of the player which was hard in 11v11 lobby.
    Hotkey added for no action in system settings. This will be helpful for users controlling multiple characters!

    Bug fixes
    Player circles appearing over ball path in match
    Credits not updating immediately after purchase
    Kick bug after goal scored sometimes
    Inappropriate word filter not working in some cases
    Retrain attribute not working properly

    We'd be grateful if you could keep feedback specific to these changes in this thread. Any other issues should still be reported in the Beta bug thread.