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09-10-2019 Beta Patch Notes

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  • 09-10-2019 Beta Patch Notes

    This patch includes the following changes:

    Momentum adjustments
    As part of the ongoing improvements to the match engine, we've made some changes to how momentum is calculated. This is a work in progress, but the new method of calculating momentum should be more fluid.

    Menu UI improvements
    Improved the consistency of the menu designs. The screen flow has also been adjusted for some scenarios (to help new users).

    Character select in match lobbies
    We've added logic to make it quicker and easier to select the best character. All characters owned by the user are ordered by position familiarity. It's much easier to see how well a character is suited to the position by the colour coded system.

    GK receive logic
    Conceding goals from a failed receive on a pass is super frustrating, so we'd added some logic to eliminate the possibility of that happening.

    Pro license updates
    Users subscribed to pro license will now receive monthly cosmetic rewards (only available to pro license subscribers). Pro license badges will show how long a user has been subscribed.

    Tooltips for new users
    We've added some tooltips and highlighted important areas for new users to become familiar with. We still have more work to do on the tutorials, so this is definitely a work in progress.

    Leaderboard bugs
    We've resolved some bugs related to the leaderboards. Pro license badges will show on the user level board as well.

    Team names
    Some of the dummy team names were a bit dodgy, so we updated them.

    Server improvements
    As the game grows in size and complexity, the load on the server has grown proportionally. We'll continue to monitor and upgrade the server to meet user demands.

    Bug fixes
    There's been a lot.

    We'd be grateful if you could keep feedback specific to these changes in this thread. Any other issues should still be reported in the Beta bug thread.