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    It's a difficult one to balance too, because obviously while we want people to be able to play games, I feel that once we have clubs really it should be a slight punishment for not being able to field a full side. On top of that, any time that we spend on AI early means that it is time taken away from other things which would ultimately slow the game down to its creation, or take away other features we would like.

    As T said though, it is something we're really interested in. None of us three have any background in that sort of thing, so it is something that we're ultimately going to have to put our trust in to our sexy Belarusian team - which they do have my full faith, else we wouldn't be working with them. That being said, if anyone does have any ideas (I am yet to read your post in all its glory just yet Aglarion, busy week) we'll be more than open to them. It'll probably also be a weekly topic that we do also, as I do have some visions for it - but the natural order of our discussions means that there are some things we need to talk about first. We unfortunately can't talk about everything within the AI that we want to without revealing a couple of things we aren't quite willing to do so just yet.

    Just to conclude though, bots were entirely non-competitive on FID. I would like that to change.


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      is there a way to makes bots AI as good as a player would be decision wise, but say reduce their skills by a certain % to compensate, one of the problems with bots on FID was that while they were top class skilled players, their moves were criminal and that hurt teams more than a player making good choices but maybe not as skilled


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        I don't think we'll make a decision on how good their stats will be until we know how capable their AI is. Honestly with a few tweaks, the bot footballers would not have been horrendous. But I don't know how easy that is to do as it's totally not my area of expertise at all!

        The bots were 60 everything, by the way. I wouldn't say that's top class skilled :P I do agree with you though, it was their inability to push out in defence and how easily manipulated they were by low passes that made them irrelevant.


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          weri najs , whats that girl ?