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  • FM18 Network game

    Teams were drafted live on twitch.
    Morten - Burnley
    Tirath - Swansea
    Palic - Everton
    Calin - West Ham
    Juan - Leicester
    Andy - Stoke
    Bluey - West Brom
    Indy - Crystal Palace
    Chris - Bournemouth
    Roy - Watford

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    Things to vote on:
    • First transfer window
    • How many players must be present to play
    • Which days & times to play
    Link to view voting options here


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      Setting your download region to the same as host:
      It will need to be UK-London


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        after first seasson .
        bluyet left from the game and discord server .
        morten: not hear abbout him whats happened but he quit from the game
        Juan : left from the game after bad seasson
        Indy : rage quit and delete the game
        i get 3x fired and change 3 and more teams
        the others find his wish teams , indy back to the game and i found my best team,
        Andy dominate with rich tottenham , calin almost cryed cus he is bad and lose champions legaue ,
        he is mad at me and Andy for his bad , Oh god , i fells bad now , ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy LMAO and after 5 seasspns ? maybe , dont know
        indy comeback and we are all happy and still playing this fm. For the future , dont know
        What will happen next?
        We will see in the next termin ! Great story Ayyyyyyyyyyyy LMAO , OMaG