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  • The FIFA 18 Thread

    Releasing 29th September. What console are you getting it on?

    Use this thread if you want to organise tournaments, fancy a quick game or want to discuss your career mode!
    I think I'll be joining a Pro club with some of my local friends, but we could get a mini league going with some of your clubs if you fancy it ogchamp:

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    I've bought it on PS4. Hopefully Pro Clubs isn't as shit as it was on '17, worst it's been. I hate the new pro ranking up system, no idea why they got rid of accomplishments, it was fun! I'll be up for destroying you with my club. Kappa

    As for UT, I'm quite excited and got a few goals:

    - Get 91 Ronaldinho.
    - Achieve weekly top100 in Weekend League at least once. (did it 3x on '17)
    - Achieve monthly top100 in Weekend League at least once. (did it 1x on '17)
    - Win 1500+ games. (won 2000+ on '17, not sure if I'm gonna be playing as many this year, guess we'll find out)

    I'll need to be good at the game like I was '17 though if I am to achieve this though, no clue yet how it's gonna go.


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      Yeah I only played about 100 games of Pro Clubs last year. Hoping for better.
      The gameplay in the demo feels a bit slower, although UT is always a bit faster isn't it.
      Congrats on the UT achievements Mini


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        Thanks, but hopefully I can do it in '18 now, instead of being trash. xD And yeah, gameplay on UT is always faster, which I like. Every other mode is slower to feel more realistic, I guess, but it just makes the amount of stupid rebounds and stuff even higher. I would be ok with that if you can't have 6'7 pros with 90+ pace, 90+ strength and 90+ stamina this year though. It's BS on '17...


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          Thoughts so far Mini?
          For clubs it feels a bit random when you get extra trait points. Enjoying it so far though, in division 7.


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            Worst fifa ever. lol Especially pro clubs. Pointless reading what my opponents are doing in defense when my defenders take 5 years to accelerate, everything goes through.


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              Fifa is shit last 3 years. last Fifa that was ok was Fifa 15.


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                Something that has been bugging us recently is if we only have 3 pro players in clubs, we'll be matched against teams with 5/6 pro players.


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                  Originally posted by IndyBre View Post
                  Fifa is shit last 3 years. last Fifa that was ok was Fifa 15.
                  I liked 16/17, but this one is TRASHHHHHH.

                  And yes, it's stupid you can search for a minimum ammount of opponents, but not a maximum.


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                    This video made me chuckle: