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  • Draft League v2 Sign up

    Given the delays to the beta release, we might as well do another draft game

    I want to change the format for this one and have the drafting done much faster. We'll do all the drafting in a few days in a discord chat room. The rest of the rules are the same as the last draft.

    All I need is this information from you:
    • Manager name:
    • Manager nationality:
    • Club name:
    • Stadium name:
    • Home kit colours:
    • Away kit colours:
    Obviously if you don't think you'll be able to regularly check discord, then this probably isn't the game for you.

  • #2
    • Manager name: Neuromancer
    • Manager nationality: English
    • Manager gender: Male
    • Club name: Boom Xhaka Laca
    • Stadium name: The Lacabludclaatzette Stadium
    • Home kit colours:Red top white shorts
    • Away kit colours: Blue top black shorts


    • #3
      • Manager name: Indy Bre
      • Manager nationality:Serbian/ Bulgarian (put Bulgarian for secondary if possible)
      • Manager gender: Male
      • Club name:FK Indija
      • Stadium name: Calin Cheater
      • Home kit colours: Yellow shirt yellow shorts black socks
      • Away kit colours:red shirt black shorts red socks


      • #4
        • Manager name: FoSte95
        • Manager nationality:Bosnian
        • Manager gender: Male
        • Club name:FK Ilidza United
        • Stadium name: United Arena
        • Home kit colours: blue shirt white shorts white socks
        • Away kit colours:white shirt white shorts white socks


        • #5
          • Manager name:Palic
          • Manager nationality: Serbian
          • Club name:FC.Coca-Cola
          • Stadium name: Coca
          • Home kit colours:Red
          • Away kit colours:White